Aggregate Testing

CMT LABS is capable of performing the following tests using the latest equipment (Please note that these tests are not covered by our NATA Scope of Accreditation).


AS 1141.3.1Sampling of aggregates
AS 1141.4Bulk density of aggregate
AS 1141.5Particle density and water absorption of fine aggregate
AS 1141.6.1Particle density and water absorption of coarse aggregate, weighing-in-water method
AS 1141.6.2 Particle density and water absorption of coarse aggregate, pycnometer method
AS 1141.11.1 Particle size distribution – Sieving method
AS 1141.12Material finer than 75μm (by washing)
AS 1141.14 Particle shape by proportional caliper
AS 1141.20.3 Average least dimension-Calculation (nomograph)
AS 1141.18 Crushed particles in coarse aggregate derived from gravel
AS 1141.21Aggregate crushing value
AS 1141.22 Wet/dry strength variation
AS 1141.24 Aggregate soundness – Evaluation by exposure to sodium sulfate solution
AS 1141.25.1Degradation factor – Source rock
AS 1141.25.2Degradation factor – Coarse aggregate
AS 1141.30.1Coarse aggregate quality by visual comparison
AS 1141.31 Light particles
AS 1141.32 Weak particles in coarse aggregate
AS 1141.34 Organic impurities other than sugar

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