CMT LABS is capable of performing the following tests using the latest equipment (Please note that these tests are not covered by our NATA Scope of Accreditation).


Sampling and preparation of soils

AS 1289.1.1Preparation of disturbed soil samples for testing
AS 1289.1.2.1 Disturbed samples – Standard method
AS 1289.1.4.1Site selection by random number method
AS 1289.1.4.2Site selection by stratified random number method

Soil moisture content tests

AS 1289.2.1.1Moisture content (oven drying)
AS 1289.2.1.4 Microwave-oven drying method (subsidiary method)
AS 1289.2.3.1Establishment of correlation – Subsidiary method and the standard method

Soil classification tests

AS 1289.3.1.1Liquid limit (Four point casagrande)
AS 1289.3.1.2 Liquid limit (One point casagrande)
AS 1289.3.2.1Plastic limit – Standard method
AS 1289.3.3.1Plasticity index – Calculation
AS 1289.3.3.2 Cone plasticity index – Calculation
AS 1289.3.4.1Linear shrinkage
AS 1289.3.5.1Particle density – Standard Method
AS 1289.3.5.2Particle density of combined soil fractions-vacuum pycnometer method
AS 1289.3.6.1Particle size distribution by sieving
AS 1289.3.6.3Particle size distribution – Hydrometer
AS 1289.3.7.1Sand equivalent of soil
AS 1289.3.8.1 Emerson class number
AS 1289.3.8.2Percent dispersion
AS 1289.3.9.1Cone liquid limit of a soil

Soil compaction and density tests

AS 1289.5.1.1 Dry density/moisture content relation – Standard
AS 1289.5.2.1Dry density/moisture content relation – Modified
AS 1289.5.3.1 Field density of a soil – Sand replacement
AS 1289.5.4.1Dry density ratio, moisture variation and moisture ratio
AS 1289.5.4.2 Assignment of OMC and MDD
AS 1289.5.7.1Compaction control – Hilf method

Soil strength and consolidation tests

AS 1289.6.1.1CBR – Remoulded specimens
AS 1289.6.1.2CBR – Undisturbed specimens
AS 1289.6.3.2Dynamic Cone Penetrometer test (DCP)
AS 1289.7.1.1 Shrink swell index
AS 1289.7.1.3 Core shrinkage index

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